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3cx Hosted VOIP

3cX Hosted VOIP

3CX Platinum Partner LogoFluent are a registered partner and certified technical engineer for the 3cx hosted PBX. We can offer your business a hosted VoIP solution across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and IOS including physical desk phones.

We are based near Tunbridge Wells, Kent. However, we have the ability to serve customers all across the counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.

There are many advantages to hosted VoIP such as:

  • Provides free calls between multiple offices anywhere in the world and lower cost calls to other destinations making it cheaper than traditional lines and minutes
  • Flexible numbering e.g. works from a London or a Glasgow number regardless of your physical location
  • Number portability that allows you to relocate your office and keep you existing number
  • Number flexibility that supports disaster recovery plans at a fraction of existing ISDN costs
  • Ease of system expansion, an additional number of SIP channels can be added to a site at the fraction of the cost and time that deploying ISDN would entail
  • Site resilience, by adding an SIP trunk connection at your site and retaining ISDN, the availability of the voice service at the site can be enhanced without the need for major infrastructure to the site

    See more about how we can help you with  3CX technology here www.3cx.com or get in contact us with us directly and one of our friendly and experienced staff members will be happy to have a chat with you.

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