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phone-systemFor years, British Telecom has dominated the UK’s phone and line rental marketplace. However, since there has been a deregulation within (BT) retail, the consumer has now gained alternatives by using various wholesale companies, including Fluent Technologies Ltd.

Working with a BT alternative such as Fluent Group has many benefits for the end user. As we are based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, all our support staff are located on site, which means you get to speak directly to an experienced member of staff of the native tongue. There are not going to be any exasperating situations where you find your call being passed around all over the world. We take the time to handle all of the calls in-house and work to offer exceptional service so that all of our customers are completely satisfied from start to finish.

When you use an alternative service provider to BT, you are going to notice a lot of benefits:

Competitive Pricing – Fluent will be happy to install new services or transfer any existing services simply by using the BT Openreach engineers. This is something that will benefit your business a great deal by giving you a considerable discount on any line rentals as well as tremendous savings on call charges. At the same time, you get first class customer service, which is an excellent alternative to British Telecom!

Service – Fluent is the primary provider for BT Openreach and offers the BT Wholesale line services/rental. This means that we have direct access to the entire BT Openreach network to help schedule installations and resolve any issues. You have the ability to remain reassured that any line orders that are placed with our company will give you the same lead times as well as the service quality of BT retail.

In some cases, the BT wholesale or BT retail will not be able to provide the required services. In these cases, we use suppliers as an alternative that we have worked to partner with strategically. You can rest assured that all of our partners are top industry communications providers.

We offer an extensive portfolio of our products and provide the best communication solution while managing the process to bill you on one, simple to understand invoice. What are you waiting for? Call us today and we can show you the savings and what it means to go with a hassle-free alternative for BT.