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Revolutionise Your Business With Avaya

Avaya business phoneHere at Fluent Technologies Ltd, we provide a broad range of services to benefit our customers. One such offering is the amazing benefits of Avaya Technology.

That’s right, we are partners with the innovative and ingenious tech brand, Avaya, and can provide full setup, training and support on their amazing hardware and software.

Truly revolutionise your business and make communication issues a thing of the past. With Avaya technology, we can help you improve communications between your teammates, clients and suppliers in a way that is so easy it will shock you.

once set up, you will be able to access Avaya technology anytime you need it, directly from your smartphone.

Save Money with Avaya Tech

Avaya technology not only improves your business technology, but it will also save you money in the process by reducing the need for company-owned mobile hardware.

Not sure where your staff members are? No problem, with geo-presence you will be able to locate staff immediately, contact them or assign them tasks as and when you need to.

Intuitive and Simple to use

Using new technology can sometimes be an issue for staff. Not with Avaya tech. Avaya has gone one step further to ensure that their software is easy to use and intuitive, your employees will pick it up in no time.

An Office on the Go

Avaya mobileHave you ever been frustrated when out of the office and all you need is to be able to access a few of your desktop capabilities? With Avaya, you will be able to access ALL of your desktop potentials while on the go. It’s literally like having your entire office in your back pocket!

With Avaya technology, gone are the days of having to wait until you get back to the office to complete certain tasks or send relevant documents to clients. Avaya makes everything so simple for you; you can access all your important files, schedule meetings, close important business deals and much more directly from your smartphone. You will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Conference Anywhere

Conference calls are an important part of most businesses nowadays. It can sometimes be frustrating having to plan your entire day around a call to make sure you will be in the office when the phone rings. With Avaya tech you can take all those important video conferences calls no matter where you are. Avaya makes sure all your calls will be in HD, portraying that all important image of professionalism to your clients at all times.

There are so many benefits for you and your business for using Avaya technology that you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The Benefits of Avaya:

As a summary, here is a list of benefits that you and your staff can enjoy;

  • Avaya conferencing systemExceptional communication
  • Share information with anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Keeps costs low and productivity high
  • Improves collaboration with teammates
  • Full desktop capabilities at your fingertips via your smartphone
  • Conference calls directly from your smartphone
  • Multiple IP logins from your network
  • Locate and track your staff anytime from your smartphone

Free, No Obligation Demo

To arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of the amazing capabilities of Avaya by one of our experienced staff members, give us a call today on 01892 320 520.

Our friendly and personable teammates will ask you a few questions about your business and show you exactly how Avaya tech will be able to save you money, improve productivity and streamline your business in the fastest possible way.

Get in touch today, and we will show you how to revolutionise your business. Call us now on 01892 320 520.

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