Pet Emergency Treatment Services are a dedicated out of hours veterinary service that provide care for animals when the practices are closed. PETS is a dedicated out of hours emergency centre for the Mid Kent. They have both a veterinary surgeon and a veterinary nurse that stay on the premises during P.E.T.S hours of business. So, having a working, cost effective Telecom and integrated IT Solution is paramount to their business.



When Fluent first visited PETS and attempted to connect the laptop for a scan of the systems, we were not able to get online due to a lack of IP addresses. Fluent finally got access and found that the network was maxed out and poorly configured.

Fluent devised a plan to reconfigure the network. Having to be careful not disrupt the servers and current equipment needed for day to day running, Fluent split the network into 6 Virtual networks for PETS separating equipment, servers, pc’s, Wi-Fi, printers and phones onto separate networks, traffic noise was dramatically improved allowing more devices to be used on the system with only 30 minutes of disruption whilst hardware was changed out.

Fluent also replaced the outdated Wi-Fi with newer hardware extending the coverage and allowing faster throughput speeds. With the new infrastructure in place PETS were up and running on the same day with fully working systems.


PETS were initially recommended to Fluent after they had been let down by their current service provider.

Fluent replaced the data cabinet cabling which included removing redundant equipment, new cable management and an easy to understand colour coded patch leads. This work was undertaken whilst PETS were still able to take those all-important calls from their clients.

Fluent provided a new external IP network dedicated to SIP using a dedicated fibre leased line not only giving them high speed internet access but a change to have a resilient system to carry call traffic. This also gave PETS a 4-hour 24/7 response time should anything go wrong, giving PETS and their customers reassurance that they will always be covered in an emergency.

Not only have they saved money on the soon to be redundant ISDN services, but they are now confident that they will have a solution where they are able to record their calls to ensure a high-quality service to their customers.