Experts in Maintenance & Support

No matter how large or small your infrastructure, we have you covered.

At Fluent, we are known as a trusted partner for all aspects of IT support and our overall objective is to ensure that our customer’s hardware and networks are kept online, up to date and optimised at all times.

With clear expert advice we don’t offer packages, we offer a tailored solution that fits specific business needs. Our IT support services are based on a simple monthly fee, per device; so our clients can stay in complete control of their costs. This gives unrestricted access to our help desk and means that there are no unexpected bills.

Rather than relying on multiple companies for support, here at Fluent we pride ourselves in taking the hassle of IT support. We help our clients to maximise business efficiencies, so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

With offices located on the Kent and East Sussex border, and engineers covering the whole of London and the South East, no matter the problem, we are on hand to work efficiently to painlessly to resolve any issues. We are always happy to speak with third parties on behalf of our clients and have found that this approach helps to reduce any downtime by an impressive 90%.

If your system develops a fault, we have a dedicated support staff on hand to help. We have a team of highly qualified, manufacturer-trained and experienced engineers that can visit your premises for:

  • Routine maintenance
  • System re-programming
  • Ad-hoc fault repairs, for systems not under maintenance agreement
  • Maintenance agreements

Our maintenance agreement gives you peace of mind, knowing there is someone there when you need system repairs or advice.  Fluent provides a range of competitively priced maintenance solutions covering a wide range of systems, with service levels tailored to suit individual requirements, including:

  • All parts and labour
  • Guaranteed response time on site
  • Priority for upgrades and enhancements
  • Preventative maintenance visits during the year

Remote ‘dial in’ maintenance for online fault diagnosis, system programming and online ‘fixes’. Troubleshooting operations by remote diagnostics can be completed while your system is in operation, leading to quick results with minimal disruption to your business or customers.


Should you invest in CCTV? CCTV is a robust line of defence against crime.

IP CCTV system – these cameras use your network or internet portal to send images to your computer’s router; allowing you access to footage via the internet from remote locations.

CCTV can play a major role in protecting business premises and business property. Our CCTV detection solutions can allow your site to be watched over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.